Vistelar is the parent company of Confidence In Conflict.

Vistelar is a consulting and training institute focused on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact — from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction is managed.

Vistelar offers a wide range of training programs that address how to:

  • Provide better customer service
  • Predict, prevent and mitigate conflict
  • Avert verbal and physical attacks
  • De-escalate conflict
  • Control crisis and aggression
  • Handle physical violence

The results at the organizational level are:

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improved team performance, morale and safety
  • Reduced complaints, liabilities and injuries
  • Protected reputation, culture and business continuity
  • Reduced harm from emotional and physical violence
  • Decreased stress levels, lateral violence and bullying
  • Less compassion fatigue, absenteeism and turnover
  • Not having a damaging video show up on YouTube or the evening news

Vistelar’s training is focused on the point of impact — the short period of time when disagreements, insults or gateway behaviors, such as swearing or aggressive posturing, can escalate to conflict and on to emotional and/or physical violence.

The company trains “contact professionals” who directly interact with the general public or an organization’s clients, and organizational teams who want to improve their performance by better managing conflict or reduce the likelihood of workplace violence.

Vistelar’s methodologies have been proven in real-world environments for over thirty years and are the subject of several books and training manuals in Vistelar’s Confidence In Conflict For …” and “Conflict Management For …” series.

Vistelar offers its training via speaking engagements, workshops, and instructor schools — using both live and online methods of instruction.

The company’s vision is to make the world safer by teaching everyone how to treat each other with dignity by showing respect.