About Vistelar Group

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vistelar_logoVistelar Group was formed in 2009 by several training professionals who had been informally working together for decades in the area of human conflict. They believed there was a need for a speaking and training organization with a single-minded focus on the entire spectrum of human conflict – from interpersonal discord, verbal abuse and bullying – to crisis communications, assault and physical violence.

Due to their unique backgrounds — including senior roles in business, the military, law enforcement, education, and healthcare – and decades of speaking and training throughout the world — they believed banding together into a single company would meet an unmet need in the marketplace.

Since 2009 the Vistelar Group has added additional experts in the area of human conflict and now has over 20 consultants serving our clients through our six brands.

Human conflict is pervasive so Vistelar Group’s clients are wide-ranging. However, a majority of our clients come from markets where conflict is more prevalent, such as healthcare, public safety, education, business, and government.

For some of these segments we provide training for addressing both the physical and verbal aspects of conflict (including defensive tactics training for public safety professionals). And, in the other segments, our training is focused just on verbal non-escalation and de-escalation.

In addition, we provide training to individuals interested in enhancing their personal safety, interpersonal skills and self-confidence, including abused women and bullied children.

The Vistelar Group provides it’s training via a national network of consultants and speakers, training partners in specific market segments and digital training programs (online courses, DVDs, webinars) using Performance-Driven Instruction™, a unique approach to training that emphasizes student interaction, real-world simulations, skill practice, memorable stories and physical activity.

This approach – which minimizes the use of traditional lecture – improves retention of the taught material and enhances the student’s ability to effectively perform the learned skills.

Vistelar Group’s programs are focused on conflict resolution, anti bullying, self defense, defensive tactics, school safety and family violence.