Conflict: Prevent It From Happening, De-escalate If It Occurs


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Confidence In Conflict For Everyday Life Online Course

After more than three decades of teaching professionals how to address the spectrum of human conflict, we recently captured our proven methodologies in a published book: Confidence In Conflict In Everyday Life: Proven strategies for conflict resolution and communicating under pressure.

Over 5000 individuals have accessed either the digital or print edition of this book and the feedback has been incredible.

However, almost everyone who has read it has told us they wanted more. That’s why we’re developing an online training course, which will be available in mid-July of 2014 (see below for special pre-sale offer).

This course presents the same proven framework for addressing conflict presented in the book, but with greater depth and with the use of instructional videos, real-world examples and interactive activities. By taking this course, you will be able to deliver Vistelar’s conflict management tactics, including the Universal Greeting, Beyond Active Listening, Redirections, and Persuasion Sequence, with great confidence.

This course will prove extremely valuable if you experience any of these situations in your work or personal life:

  • Your commands are ignored, challenged or refused
  • You’re responsible for the emotional/physical safety of others
  • You must say “no” to requests
  • You’re required to encroach in the lives of others
  • You or a loved one is being verbally or physically abused
  • Cultural/generational differences are causing conflict
  • You’re required to have difficult conversations with others
  • Your emotional/physical safety is being threatened

… or you are a manager in an organization where poorly-managed conflict is causing:

  • Customer complaints and/or litigation
  • Reduced employee performance and morale
  • Emotional/physical harm of employees
  • Lack of commitment to your organization’s vision

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From the book back cover:

Discover the plan to manage conflict in your personal life.

Do you handle arguments, misunderstandings and insults with ease? Unfortunately, many of us break down and buckle under … or put up our dukes and prepare to fight.

None of these gut-level reactions will solve the problem. What we need is a plan for transforming our approach to conflict.

Confidence In Conflict For Everyday Life reveals how you can manage your response during the most critical moments and and stay effective in the midst of stress. In this book you will learn the tactics of Verbal Defense & Influence, professional strategies taught by Vistelar Group trainers across the country.

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