Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book written for?
This book takes the Verbal Defense & Influence conflict resolution strategies (that are taught within law enforcement, government, business and education) and applies them to personal situations and relationships.

How can I get the book?
The book can be ordered on Amazon in print (click here) and as an eBook (click here).

I don’t have a Kindle. Can I still read the book?
You sure can. Just download the Kindle app to your device. Kindle apps are available for Android, PC, Windows and Mac products ( Finally, you can read it on your computer desktop or laptop at

How can I expand my understanding of the concepts covered in the book?
Our online companion course is designed to enhance your reading experience and includes a FREE print version of the book.

I’m already a Verbal Defense & Influence instructor; how does this book apply to me?
Many professionals with a sophisticated understanding of Verbal Defense & Influence have said they would like an introductory handbook to help them encourage and mentor their friends and loved ones to become more confident in conflict. This short and simple book breaks down and explains these concepts in an engaging way.

Book not enough?
Are you interested in attending live training or just learning more about the Vistelar Group?  Contact Vistelar on their site by clicking here or calling (877) 690-8230.