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One of Vistelarʼs most popular training programs, Verbal Defense & Influence, provides a breakthrough framework for managing conflict — how to both prevent it and de-esclate it when it occurs.

After more than 30 years of teaching conflict management strategies and tactics to a wide range of audiences, weʼve recently published our first book — Confidence In Conflict For Everyday Life — that shares what weʼve learned over the the last three decades.

The response to this book as been incredible. Weʼve already sold thousands of copies and weʼre regularly hearing wonderful stories about how itʼs changed peopleʼs lives.

Our communication framework has ten elements. One key element is something we call the Universal Greeting — that has just four simple steps.

Over the years, weʼve heard over and over again from our clients that, if everyone used this Universal Greeting in their interpersonal interactions, it would change the world.

So we decided to put together a short video that teaches this element of our framework and make it available for free.

When you watch the video youʼll master the exceptionally broad applications of this simple greeting, which is why we call it “Universal.”