Meet Our Authors

Read below to learn the backgrounds of the conflict management experts who have contributed their expertise to the “Confidence In Conflict For …” book series.

Joel Lashley

Joel Lashley has worked in public safety for over thirty years and, since 1991, has focused on healthcare security. Within healthcare, he has extensive firsthand experience in keeping the peace in hospitals, clinics and residential treatment facilities. He currently works at Aurora Health Care where he supervises security operations for community clinics in Wisconsin. The largest employer in the State of Wisconsin, Aurora Health Care is an integrated healthcare provider with over 31,000 employees, 15 hospitals, over 150 clinic sites and more than 7.5 million annual patient encounters. Joel is also a Certified Consultant with Vistelar, a consulting and training institute that focuses on addressing the entire spectrum of human conflict at the point of impact — from before an interaction begins through to the consequences of how an interaction is managed.

Mr. Lashley is the author of many articles on topics ranging from providing care for people with brain-based disorders and psychiatric challenges, to managing patient prisoners in private healthcare facilities. He is in demand nationwide for his expertise in creating environments of care and clinical relationships that are incompatible with violence, resulting in better and safer working conditions for caregivers and higher customer satisfaction levels for patients.

As an award-winning educator and trainer, he has taught his principles for addressing healthcare violence (e.g., seven myths of healthcare violence, Gateway Behaviors of Violence, Social ContractingCrisis Interventions) to physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, healthcare security staff, social workers, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, residential care workers, and educators.

Mr. Lashley also provides training and consulting to healthcare professional organizations, hospitals and healthcare systems, crisis intervention training companies and law enforcement agencies, all of whom are concerned with the epidemic levels of violence in healthcare.

Jill Weisensel

Jill Weisensel is a consultant and instructor for Vistelar and has campus law enforcement experience, working in part, directing and managing shift patrol operations within an urban campus environment. She is a Defensive and Arrest Tactics Instructor and a Tactical Communication instructor, has taught applications of Tactical Strength and Conditioning at Marquette University, and has a decade of experience in the field. She is also a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), and the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA).

In understanding the need for non-escalatory tactics and a more effective and professional way to relate with and manage people, she became an advocate of Vistelar’s universally applicable conflict management program, and completely integrated it into her Bystander Mobilization training.

Her academic background (Master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports Psychology from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from Carthage College), athletic training and professional experience make her uniquely qualified to train and speak on topics such as: the need for personal credibility and professional development, personal safety and self-defense, and the development of leadership and life skills.

Jill has presented her work at multiple Midwest colleges and Milwaukee area events, the 2015 IACLEA National Conference, the 2015 International Association of Chiefs of Police International Conference, the 2016 Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Campus Safety Violence Prevention Forum, and the 2017 IACLEA National Conference.

Pete Jaskulski

Pete Jaskulski has been umpiring baseball in Wisconsin at the high school and collegiate level since 1981, receiving the Ken Kirby umpire of the year award in 2006 from the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association. He has umpired the spring state baseball tournament four times, three as a crew chief. In his training with the Wisconsin Umpires Association, Pete focuses on effective communications and game management. In 2014, Pete won the Wisconsin Umpires Association Umpire of the Year award.

Pete works as a training consultant for Vistelar where he travels around the country providing instruction to various professions in Vistelar’s training program focused on how to communicate effectively in the midst of stress. He has led many workshops for sports officials on how to apply Vistelar’s methodologies to officiating.

Pete is married to his wife, Pam, who was a collegiate soccer player. He has two children; Alex, a collegiate baseball player now working as a graduate assistant baseball coach and high school baseball coach and Kayla who is a multi-sport athlete (soccer, basketball, softball).

Pete retired from the Milwaukee County Sheriff ’s Office at the rank of Captain after 24 years of service and he currently holds the position of Assistant Fire Chief for the Village of Hales Corners, which he has been with since 1981.

Awards, Accomplishments and Recognition:

  • Umpired on the high school and collegiate level (DI, DII and DII) since 1981
  • Umpired in both the spring and summer WIAA Sectionals since 1990;
  • Umpired in the WIAA State Tournament in the spring of 2004, 2005, 2010 and 2015
  • Crew chief in 11 WIAA sectionals
  • Crew chief in the 2005, 2010 and 2015 WIAA State Spring Baseball Tournaments
  • Umpired in the following conferences: Classic 8, Greater Metro, North Shore, Southeast, Wisconsin Little Ten and the Woodland
  • Wisconsin Umpires Association: trainer concentrating on game management and communications skills
  • Recipient of the Ken Kirby Umpire of the Year Award in 2005, given by the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association
  • Recipient of the Wisconsin Umpires Association Umpire of the Year Award in 2014

Kathy Mangold

Kathy Mangold is an award-winning communicator who is committed to conflict resolution strategies built upon a foundation of dignity and respect, even in the midst of stress.

As consultant with the Vistelar Group, Kathy has created educational materials and programming that support Vistelar’s Verbal Defense & Influence methodology, which has been taught mainly in professional settings for 30 years.

Her most recent project, an e-book entitled Confidence in Conflict for Everyday Life, illustrates how these concepts can be applied within one’s personal life. For this project Kathy has drawn from her real-life experiences as the editor of a parenting magazine.

The Vistelar Group is a global training and speaking organization committed to addressing the spectrum of human conflict. Corporate and civic clients include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Nissan USA, the Mall of America, and police agencies across the country, including Albuquerque, NM and Kalamazoo, MI.

Listen to Kathy some of the strategies covered in her book, Confidence in Conflict for Everyday Life.

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